A day of performances by ROOM and Mark Wayman with a workshop by Adam James.

TEN ROOMS WITH A VIEW marks the first part of a Parade for Peckham research project by the artist Adam James in association with MOCA London.

Performances by ROOM:
10:00 to 16:00, 113 Bellenden Rd, London SE15 4QY.
Limited places booking essential.

To book tickets:

There will be also special group run of ROOM for participants of the first run between 21:00 and 22:00 at MOCA London, booking not needed.

ROOM is a story-telling experience for one (or more) blindfolded person(s). It’s entirely improvised each time in response to the audience's imagination. Amongst many other things, it has been described as virtual reality without a headset, an imagination massage, a collective lucid dream and purposeful daydreaming.
Co-created by the audience and the narrators, it’s a live manifestation of collaboration and co-authorship.

Performance by Mark Wayman:
17:00 - 18:00, starting at the eastern mouth of River Peck
(Google maps 51.457569, -0.056059), Peckham Rye Common, SE15 3UA.
Join Mark Wayman as he walks the length of the river Peck in the heart of the Rye. Wayman takes as his starting point the fabric, function and significance of a chosen location, in this instance The River Peck. Through intense verbal descriptions, he spins an elaborate alternative version. The artist’s meticulous monologues will reveal hidden histories, disturbing our perception of what may previously have seemed familiar.

Workshop by Adam James:
18:30 - 20:00, meeting at Cafe On The Rye, Straker's Road
Peckham Rye Common, London, SE15 3UA.

Adam James will lead a playful workshop connecting material gathered through the day’s prior performances, exploring collective unconscious movement and ritual creation.

Further info:
Throughout this summer across Southwark James will host a number of artist led events including artist talks, workshops, participatory performances, walks, float-making, Nordic Larps and story-telling exploring themes relating to 'truth' and group engagement as means to unleash collective unconscious.

This event is supported through Arts Council England grants for the arts.


Live Art Development Agency DIY 12: 2015
Thursday 3rd to Saturday 5th September
Create, 2 Curved Street (Filmbase Building), Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland

Sign up deadline June 22nd APPLY

Constructing a fictional people to remap a forgotten city.

Project Summary
‘… the places are what remain, are what you can possess, are what is immortal.’
Rebecca Solnit, A Field Guide to Getting Lost

This project takes two fictional communities and explores the traces left behind as they pass North to South through an outmoded landscape.

Working together, we will respond to dereliction, brownfield and industrial sites, wastelands and forgotten streets exploring how these spaces might inform our sense of self and community. Through structured play, we will unearth forgotten stories and stage a midnight meeting between two estranged communities.

This project fuses pyschogeography with pervasive Nordic larp (Live Action Role-play) and builds upon my work exploring the creation of fictional outsiders, their worlds, totemic-sculptures, proto-politics, languages, rituals and myths.

For this project I am interested in bring diverse group of people together for a weekend of workshops exploring community creation methods culminating in a midnight Larp which is a reflection of Dublin’s Northern and Southern outskirts and is an attempt to remap dereliction.

This workshop is open to people of any background that are looking to learn about new ways to form communities, tell stories and reclaim spaces. There are no formal requirements needed to participate in the project, other than a positive can do attitude and a willingness to engage in outdoor physical activity alongside people from various backgrounds. The culminating activity itself will involve a walk of approximately 2-3hrs, so participants will need to have at least a modest degree of fitness and sensible walking shoes.

I will be particularly interested in hearing from people with an interest in sharing information, workshops, experiences, methods or artwork relating to: crowd dynamics/group psychology/ survival skills/proto-politics/social cartography/urban archeology/song lines and anything you feel is related.

Central to the workshops is the exploration of group alibi, silence, contact improvisation, blindfold story telling, and intuitive ritual creation and sculptural responses to environmental and architectural stimuli.

As an applicant, you must wish to participate in the creation of a moving image art piece created through the documentation of a midnight larp. Over three days you will, you will take part in something special – the creation of a fictional community, a new moving image work and a city wide pervasive larp.

This workshop is free but participants are expected to bring their own food and drink. If you are coming from anywhere other than the locality and need accommodation, we will provide information on this when your attendance has been confirmed.


June to September 2015

I am delighted to have received Arts Council England funding for the research and development of a major project 'The Truth Parade' for Peckham in association with MOCA London, planned for summer 2016.

I will be working alongside local artists, activists and institutions to stage free participatory community based events, talks, screenings and workshops.

Details to follow


July 1st 2015

Art Hall,
Skövde Culture,
541 28 Skövde

I have been invited by artist Brody Condon to talk about my practice and experience as a performer in Tino Seghals 'These Associations', followed by a workshop and game of mine.

Details to follow


Friday 10 July, 7pm - 9pm

Gallery address:
Bloc Projects,
71 Eyre Lane,

Broadcast info: 87.5FM and at

I have been invited to take part in a live panel discussion mixed with recorded content: interviews, songs and performances as part of Radioanti's next broadcast at Bloc Projects, Sheffield.

Participants include:
Artist writer Stephen Wright and artist Jos Hoskins alongside other guests.

Details to follow.