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Performance I: Wasteland Rituals
Saturday 8 November 2014 13.00-15.30
The Boulder, Mabley Green, Lee Conservancy, London E9 5RN

Booking essential £2 - click here

Three years ago the first wave of Booger People came to Hackney, where they performed a ritual dance on Vyner Street for peace and solidarity with the urban dwellers. Most recently, a new tribe - the Oller Oller - have travelled from Sherwood Forest where they are rumoured to have settled in Wick Wood. A major effort to make contact with these people will take place on 8th November, We hope you can join us in what is to be a unique moment in human history.

From September to December 2014 Adam James will develop Wasteland Ritual, two outdoor site specific performances set in neglected spaces throughout Hackney. The performances draw on LARP’ing – live action role play where participants physically devise and act out a fictional world – to examine the role of participant and audience in performance.

The performances fuse LARP’ing with physical audience interactivity achieved through flocking responses, crowd stooges, live Q&A and adapted forum theatre techniques.

Upon booking your place you will be sent special instructions to activate your place.

With special thanks to the London Borough of Hackney and MillCo.

Image courtesy of Christian Dorley Brown.


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